How to create your own signature style

Crafting Your Style

            What makes so many of us love fashion enough to spend our time and money on it? It’s not just beautiful clothes or looking good that makes fashion so enjoyable. For many of us, fashion is a true creative outlet — something we use to express ourselves and our individuality.

If you’re using fashion to show who you are, there’s no doubt you want to create your own signature style. Whether it’s Rihanna with her pushing-the-envelope bold style, Kim Kardashian in her form fitted neutrals, or Taylor Swift with her sweet but sexy girl next door vibe, all front-cover celebs have their own signature style and you can too. 

A signature style isn’t only about wearing a certain color or that one item on repeat — no, that’s the basic approach and let’s be real, we’re not basic. To define your own fashion vibe, connect to yourself and what fashion means to you. Do you use fashion to stand out in a crowd? Are bright colors and prints something you gravitate towards? Or do you prefer low-key, luxe neutrals? Maybe you love that romantic free-spirit vibe with fluid fabrics and fun textures?

Let’s find out!

Do a style audit. 

Take a look through your closet, heck while you’re at it pull everything out for that much-needed re-organization. Marie Kondo anyone?

Look through your tops, bottoms, dresses and layering pieces.

Think about these three things when creating your own recognizable style: 

1-Are there colors and prints that seem to be repeated?

Maybe you have a lot of brights, or perhaps neutrals is your go-to. Is everything popping up floral?

Decide what the overall, general color and print palette is that you gravitate towards. One part of your signature style will be the colors you include. Try to start with a few colors, 3-5, that you know you love and that look good on you and that tie-in with the look you’re going for. Don’t just stop at colors, prints can be ultra iconic too. Olivia Palermo for example, is the ultimate style icon when it comes to print mixing.

2-What kind of silhouettes do you like?

Fitted? Flowy? Clean lines? Boxy? A combination?

For example, Kim K. really goes hard on fitted styles to show off her curves. Rihanna can make a boxy sweatshirt look totally killer, but she also slays sexy styles and we can say Taylor swift rocks clean lines but still incorporates fitted pieces.

This is just general overview to determine your own personal style and to build your wardrobe going forward.

3-What are the types of clothing you adore and have a lot of (or maybe you feel you dont have enough of but want more?

 If you have a lot of office-friendly attire like blazers, woven blouses, pencil skirts and non-denim woven bottoms, it might be safe to say your style is classic and modern.

Are you pulling out a surprising amount of kimonos, vintage tees and those oh-so-cute holey jeans? I would say your style could be called boho-chic (yes, yes, I know that term is used to death, but it’s still a major thing and a major vibe!)Maybe you realize you have more skirts than you care to admit and you have enough ruffle-y tops to make a duvet cover Anthropologie would be jealous of. And your jewelry box? Filled with baubles and rhinestones galore? I would say your taste is ultra-feminine

Now, I know this sounds pretty general and chances are you are not 100% of any one style, but having a better overall understanding of what makes your sartorial heart smile will give you all the more confidence when crafting your style.

Pick your style icons. This part is just pure fun and just one more reason to spend time on pinterest (as if you need a reason). Here’s how this works for creating your signature style: 

Pick one or two celebrities whose fashion sense you love. Whether it’s Reese Whitherspoon or Zendaya, notice which celebrity’s style is consistently the most appealing to you. These picks will be your signature style icon.

Now of course you’re unique, and crafting your own style is not about following someone else. BUT!...If that person happens to slay the vibe you’re going for, then by all means take inspiration and run with it.  

Add the icing. The final part of creating your signature style is to accessorize like a stylist. Leaving your outfits without accessories is like leaving a beautiful painting with no frame.

This can be anything from a barely-there gold chain necklace to oversized statement rhinestone earrings to arm candy galore. Whatever makes your heart happy and helps further define YOUR fashion vibe, go with that.

When shopping or putting outfits together ask yourself:

Does this speak to my signature style? Does this help further define the look I want?

           Developing your own style isn’t about making up a bunch of rules and denying yourself what you want to wear. Fashion is supposed to be FUN and never stuffy or restricting. By taking some time to consciously observe your style and define fashion to fit your unique personality, you can take your self-expression through fashion to the next level. Fashion is a tool for being the most “you” that you can be — by creating a signature style you love, you’ll always feel confident in every outfit. 


Now let's get to picking out the best styles for you! Let's go shopping!

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