How to style a kimono

You may feel the kimono is one of those pieces that looks nice, it's pretty, but what exactly can I do with it?

It does make an amazing beach cover up, but there is more to this fluid, pretty piece than just that. Keep reading to see our top three ways to style a Kimono.

1. An easy go-to for brunch with the girls.

What is brunch really, besides the most amazing excuse to drink mimosas in the morning and catch up on all the things in your inner circle.  While doing so, let's be honest, we want to be cute but ultimately...comfortable! (Another side of avocado toast please!)

The kimono comes in styles as fancy or as casual as you want. Fabrics range from printed satins to embroidered cottons and every trim you can imagine.

Feeling like tassels are your thing? How about some pom-poms? We want them all. Take a look here at our top way to style your kimono for your next brunch date:



Stylist tip: You don't have to be too matchy-matchy here. Think of the kimono as the next level up from your fly-away cardi. A casual tee is a perfect pairing for just about any kimono style, just keep the colors neutral.


2. Dinner time! Rooftop dinner time, that is. 

Now that things are starting to open up, we are uber eager to take that elevator ride to the top floor of happiness! Normally dinner time is what, 6pm? 7pm? Maybe you made reservations for 6:30 but didn't end up leaving until around 9 (we can't be the only ones guilty of this!).

With good conversation, great apps and amazing company, who would want to leave? With most evening rendezvous, the vibe is a little more dressy. We love a great going out look, and it doesn't mean you need to pull out that LBD.

Consider the kimono as a great piece for your next evening out. What takes this item from day to night are just a few things we bet you have in your closet right now-Skinny jeans? check. A great bag? check. Heels? check. A cami? check check.

What about the accessories? Adding a little hardware can really dress up any look. Take a look below at our favorite way to style a kimono for evening. 



3-The third way? Yep, you guessed it! As an amazing cover-up.

The kimono is a beautifully chic way to cover up beach side or pool side and basically turns any bathing suit and shorts combo into a full blown look.

You can do really fun things like match a brightly colored kimono to your neon swimsuit, or pair an embroidered, ivory kimono over your white bikini for a fun white-party on the beach.

There aren't so many rules here, just to have fun and feel amazing! Oh yea-don't forget that SPF! Take a look below at a super cute and easy way to wear the kimono in vaca (or backyard poolside) mode. 



Stylist tip-Rocking some bling at the beach can be ultra-chic! Just make sure it's not a family heirloom. We love body necklaces paired over a simple tank or bathing suit. Take a look here at our most-loved beach accessory.


We advocate to HAVE FUN with fashion and wear what makes you happy! What are some of your favorite ways to rock this style? Let us know in the comments!