Staying safe at home

I know right about now everyone is inside while the world is dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. It's a scary time for everybody. In the hopes of helping create a small level of normalcy and to let you know we are in this together, I created a list of my top 5 tips for a spring closet clean-out!

1. Pull everything out--that's right! Marie Kondo anyone? You will probably find that top you wanted to wear the other week, but swore you threw away.

2. Make a donation pile. This will be of items you truly no longer want. Your items can go to good use for many people after the COVID-19 settles.

3. Get creative! The statement top you bought because you were feeling cute in the dressing room but never actually wore?? Pick some basics to pair with it and come up with a few new outfit ideas!

4.Reinvent and repurpose! Before you get rid of that maxi dress you don't think you'll wear again, how can you make it work for you? Maybe hem it for a cute mini. Or wear it under a boxy sweater so it works as a skirt.

5.Virtual swap! Hop on face time or go LIVE on IG with your gang and share what you're left with. Everyone holds aside one or two of their items to swap at your next brunch gathering! (once the quarantine is lifted)-something to look forward to!