Job interview tips and outfit ideas

Of you've watched my story here you'll know I have been in your shoes. Climbing the corporate ladder, I know a thing or two about job hunting and navigating your career in uncertain times. 

Things are a little up in the air now, but, when that perfect job comes calling, you want to be prepared. Consider these interview-ready looks that mean business, without sacrificing style. 


1. Update your resume, like now. You never know when someone will want to see you for an interview or review your background. You want to make sure all information is up to date --psst remember to check for grammar and spelling!

2. Highlight the skills that pertain to the job you're applying for. It's a good idea to have an engaging mission statement at the top of your resume, highlighting why you're awesome for that specific job. 

3. Check your social media. Employers can easily seek out your social media to see the types of candidates they are considering. Is this invasive? Yes. But does it happen? Also yes. Maybe you don't want your next boss seeing that bikini and margarita pic. Make your photos private. 

4. Be prepared for your interview. Research the company as much as you can. When your interviewer says "Do you have any questions for me?" Be prepared with 2 or 3 questions that shows you know your stuff. 

5. Have you heard of "dress for the job you want, not the job you have"? That's a real thing. It's important to look and feel like yourself, but also to show up polished and professional to show you take the interview seriously and respect the interviewers time. Dear lord do not be late or more than 10 minutes early. 

6. Don't ask about benefits and time-off on the first interview. There will be time for that when you reach the offer and negotiation stage. 

7. Ask for the money. Don't be afraid to ask for a fair and competitive salary. You can ask for whatever you want (...that doesn't mean you'll get it)..but having confidence and asking for what you're worth is a great step to opening up the negotiating process. 

8. Follow up with a thank you email within 24 hours. Emphasize that you are interested in the position and highlight again why you're perfect for it!  

We hope these tips helped and that the outfits gave you some inspiration and direction to crush your next interview!

Be confident and go for it!

Here are a few outfit inspo's to get you started. Don't have lavender pants? Don't  fret! These are meant to inspire and show you how to rock different looks, so chose the look that best matches your work vibe.

Be confident and go for it!

Email us back and let us know what your best interview practice is!

Fashionably yours,

The Audrey & Elle team

How to dress for a job interview

Lavender Love:

Top: Audrey & Elle Shop top here!

Earrings: Audrey & Elle Shop earrings here!

Ring: Audrey & Elle Shop ring here!

Blazer: Banana Republic

Pants: Alice & Olivia

Shoes & Purse: River Island

Nail polish: OPI


how to dress for a job interview

Casual Chic: 

Top: H&M

Blazer: River Island

Pants: Audrey & Elle Shop pants here!

Necklace: Audrey & Shop necklace here!

Bracelet: Audrey & Elle Shop bracelet here!

Nailpolish: OPI

Shoes: Revolve-Alexander Wang



Sleek and Polished:

Top: Farfetch

Skirt: Audrey & Elle Shop skirt here!

Necklace: Audrey & Elle Shop necklace here!

Ring: Audrey & Elle Shop ring here!

Notebook: Amazon

Lipgloss: Nars

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Purse: SEE by Chloe