What to do when you've been laid-off or furloughed.

 Update your resume

Keep your resume clean, easy to navigate and read. Recruiters often times skim over resumes if they have a lot to go through, so make sure your information is clear and easy to understand.

Don’t stress over getting everything on 1 page, but also don’t add fluff to make it longer either. It is more important to include relevant information than to stick to some arbitrary rule that it should be one page. Remember to check spelling, grammar, and proper formatting.

Show off your work

If you’re in a design or product development related field, be sure to include the programs you’re experienced with and where (internationally/domestically) you have experience manufacturing. Update your portfolio with the latest and greatest work that shows of your skills. Also be prepared to speak about the type of customers you developed for. If you know volume of orders, that’s a plus

If you’re in Sales, you should be including approximate sales volumes, metrics on business growth, accounts, etc. and be able to provide tangible evidence of your contribution to overall company or department growth.

If you’re in E-commerce, speak to the platforms you are familiar with. Understand the businesses growth year over year and keep up with the latest programs.


You never want to burn any bridges because you never know when you might need that recommendation. Now is a good time to reach out to old contacts, take a look at your social media contacts, ask if anyone has heard of an opportunity that you might be a good fit for. Even if it’s not in your exact field, if it’s a job that you can do (while somewhat enjoying) it’s worth looking into.

Working with recruiters:

While you should be applying for jobs that appeal to you personally, it’s important to understand that companies are looking for individuals that have the proper experience as required by the position they are looking to fill.

If you are applying for a Marketing job, and you don’t have any Marketing experience, it is unlikely that you will see traction with your application. With that being said, if you are interested in transitioning into a new career, consider reaching out to people in your network that are currently in that field. They will be able to provide great insight that may help you get ahead. Also, think about reaching out to a recruiter that specializes in that particular field. Explain that you are looking to transition into a new field an highlight how your current experience and skills can lend to a great transition in this new venture.

The new normal.

As we’re all finding out right now, whether working or not, trying to find structure in your day is challenging. Even adapting to this “new normal” is emotionally and physically exhausting! Here are some ideas for how you can give yourself some structure and sense of normalcy:

Wake up at a “normal” time – whatever that means for you. But try to be consistent with it. It can be appealing to wake up at varying times, but staying consistent will give you a healthy regimen and prevent you from feeling like you don’t know what day it is.

Put on real clothes! Staying in your pajamas all day isn’t the most motivating. Oh and btw, loungewear is not always the same as! Who says you can’t be comfortable and feel good at the same time?! So grab that cute tie dye number, just make sure it’s not the same on you wore to bed! Lol.

Get familiar with zoom, google hangouts and house party. Schedule as many meetings (Phone and Video) as you can. Set up calls/video calls with recruiters, friends, colleagues, former colleagues and family. We all need human interaction right now for both personal and professional reasons. Have a fun virtual meet-up w the girls and share your new favorite cocktail creation!

If your business is slow and you have a lot of down time, make a list of all the things you typically say you want to do for work, but never have the time to. Add everything to a calendar so you can actually see what needs to get done and when. It feels good literally checking things off a list and brings a sense of accomplishment.

Think about ways you can reach out to your community while keeping yourself and others safe. Maybe it’s making face masks, or maybe it’s networking in virtual meet-up groups to support other people who are in the same boat as you. You’d be surprised at how well people can come together to help each other out in mutually hard times.

If you have not done so already, apply for unemployment. This will help a little bit as you navigate this tricky and scary time.

Last but not least, maintain a positive outlook and know that better times are ahead!