Welcome friends! I'm Audrey, owner of Audrey and Elle. An online boutique launched in 2019 that merges functional fashion with feminine styling.

My goal is to provide beautiful and unique items that help you look and feel amazing from week to weekend. Every item you see on our site is personally selected by me, with a purpose in mind. Whether you're searching for a dress for a special event or looking for casual "off-duty" pieces, I provide items that fit your lifestyle, while being uniquely beautiful. 

I had an exciting and fast-paced career in the world of Fashion Design in New York City. After so many years, I knew I wanted something else, something more. I decided to take my love of fashion and styling and open a store where I can share my passion with other women. Hence, Audrey & Elle was born!

You might be asking yourself "So who is Elle?" She is our muse and the spirited and stylish woman we strive to serve every day. I want AudreyandElle.com to be an amazing resource for you. Not only for clothing, but for life and style advice. So grab a latte and check out some of our latest blogs!

Fashionably Yours,

Audrey & team